Federal Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime in federal court or have reason to believe you are under investigation for a federal offense, it is important to realize what you are up against. The feds have seemingly unlimited resources to pursue criminal cases, and defending crimes in federal court is much different than handling defense matters in local and state courts.

I'm criminal defense lawyer Gene Barton, and I have more than 40 years of criminal defense experience. Representing clients in the Tupelo area, I use every legal means available to limit the exposure of my clients to the harsh penalties of a federal criminal conviction. To learn more about how I can help you protect your rights, call 662-260-6646 or contact me online for a free initial consultation.

Criminal Defense Across State Lines

The primary distinction between federal criminal defense and other cases is that probation is not often an option in federal cases. Instead, defendants are subjected to the harsh sentencing guidelines that govern punishments at the federal level, often resulting in prison sentences and large fines.

I defend my clients in Tupelo and surrounding communities against a wide variety of federal offenses, including drug charges, kidnapping and child pornography. White collar crimes such as mail fraud, bank fraud and wire fraud are also routinely charged in federal court.

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When facing charges of such magnitude, it is important to have an attorney with my level of experience and resources on your side. I know what it is required to mitigate the damage from federal charges and will make sure you understand all of the defense options available to you. Contact my firm today for a free initial consultation to discuss your federal criminal defense needs with a Tupelo-area federal criminal defense attorney.