Murder And Manslaughter

Tupelo Lawyer Defending The Accused

Anytime someone dies because of another's actions, the stakes are high:

  • A DUI death can result in 20 to 25 years in prison
  • A manslaughter conviction is 20 years in prison
  • A murder conviction in Mississippi is a life sentence, and you stay there until at least age 65

Your family, your freedom, your life is what's at stake. You need the best representation you can get.

I'm Tupelo murder defense attorney Gene Barton, the "Bulldog of Mississippi." I've been practicing criminal defense law for more than 40 years. In that time, I've handled everything there is to handle, including many murder cases. I'm a seasoned and mature defense attorney who is unafraid to tackle even the most complicated cases carrying the most serious consequences.

Note: I cannot defend cases in counties where I am a prosecutor, in the 3rd Circuit Court District (Benton, Calhoun, Chickasaw, Lafayette, Marshall, Tippah and Union counties). I can defend cases in all other counties in the state jurisdiction, including Tupelo-area counties such as Lee, Pontotoc, Monroe, Itawamba, Prentiss, Alcorn and Tishomingo counties and anywhere else in Mississippi, as well as in federal court.

My style of practice is to handle only a few select cases at a time, not to carry a large load of cases. By being selective and handling only a few cases at a time, I can devote my full attention to each case I handle. This focused attention is what's needed in a violent crime case.

I do not solicit cases because I am cheap. I provide high-quality services, with experts and investigators. Therefore, I believe there is some truth in the old saying, "You get what you pay for." I try to be the best at what I do. When you need experienced and skillful defense in the face of criminal charges of murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide, contact my Okolona law office online or call 662-260-6646 for a free consultation.

Defense For Any Violent Crime

One of the most common situations for serious injury or death to occur is the escalation of a domestic argument. A fight gets out of hand and someone is shot, and we need to examine the evidence to determine if the shooting was in self-defense.

Relationship problems between a boyfriend or girlfriend, ex-spouse or partner can quickly get out of hand, resulting in an aggravated assault with fatal injuries and a manslaughter arrest.

Young people with hot tempers and college students who are drinking or acting recklessly are at greatest risk for accidental homicide charges. College students from the University of Mississippi-Oxford or Mississippi State go out drunk driving and someone is killed. It's tragic when a life is lost; more tragic still when a second young life is lost to the prison system. If your teen or young adult child has been arrested for a violent crime, I will do my best to protect his or her rights and future.

There may be other valid defenses depending on the case. Mississippi has certain self-defense rights and a "Castle Doctrine" that allows self-defense in your home or car.

Experience And Expert Resources To Build Your Murder Defense

I've handled the defense for all types of violent crimes, including capital murder (death penalty), murder, manslaughter and DUI death. I've handled drive-by shooting cases and fatal aggravated assault cases. I have defended clients facing rape/murder charges and kidnapping charges. Over the years, I have dealt with many difficult and unusual cases, including crimes of passion and murder for hire, in which my clients faced the death penalty.

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When you need an experienced defense attorney, call my Okolona law firm at 662-260-6646 or contact me online for a free initial consultation regarding any criminal charge you face in the Tupelo, Mississippi, area.