Sex Crimes

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Sex crimes charges are terrible in every way. Innocent people sometimes face the most serious child sexual molestation charges because of an angry, vengeful ex-spouse. Momentary poor judgment can turn into a life sentence to the sex offender registry. A misunderstanding over the Internet can result in a jail sentence for Internet solicitation of a minor.

It is the worst nightmare for any individual to be charged with a sex crime. The accused person will find him- or herself shunned by the community and considered the worst kind of villain, even by those in the criminal justice system.

Under the Constitution of the United States and the state of Mississippi, everyone is entitled to a defense. My job, as your Tupelo sex crimes defense lawyer, is to build an effective case using every possible legal means at my disposal. Even in the face of the worst kind of criminal charges, there may be good defense options. Learn more about my criminal defense philosophy involving sex crimes.

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I'm Tupelo criminal defense attorney Gene Barton, the "Bulldog of Mississippi." For more than 42 years, I've been fighting to help Tupelo clients accused of sex crimes charges. I can defend you in any county in Mississippi except in counties in the 3rd Circuit Court District. I am a prosecutor there. I can handle cases in any other county in Mississippi.

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My undergraduate degree in psychology and vast knowledge and experience with psychiatry and forensics have proven invaluable in trial, particularly in sex crime cases. I am comfortable working with and cross-examining expert witnesses. I handled the first sex crime case in our area to use DNA evidence.

In my experience, these crimes fit three basic categories:

Violent Sex Crimes

Violent sexual crime includes rape (now usually charged as sexual battery), and may have an accompanying charge of kidnapping or aggravated assault. A sexual battery charge, alone or in combination with other charges, can result in a sentence of life in prison. I have handled a number of violent sex crime cases, representing clients ranging from teenagers to older adults.

I have handled some extremely serious cases, including cases in which a person was falsely accused due to poor investigative techniques and faulty identification. In some cases, the charges brought against my client were false because the "victim" had actually given consent to the sexual activity, and consent is a defense to a violent sex crime.

Another type of sex crime that is charged as sexual battery, although it does not involve violence, is a charge of rape as a result of being drugged. If a victim charges that someone used a date rape drug on her or him, then consent is not an issue. This is a very serious charge that can result in prison.

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If you are facing any criminal charge for a sex crime, I will stand by your side. It's not my job to judge you; it's my job to defend you, and I will do that vigorously, using every resource at my disposal. Call my Okolona law firm at 662-260-6646 or contact me online for a free initial consultation regarding any criminal charge you face in the Tupelo, Mississippi, area.