Custody Litigation

Tupelo Lawyer Handling Child Custody Litigation Cases

The risk for litigation is high in child custody issues. This is an emotional issue for parents and often the most contentious issue in divorces when a couple has children. While many parents are willing to compromise on other issues to achieve a resolution, they are often willing to fight aggressively for time with their children and to preserve their right to make child-rearing decisions.

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I'm Gene Barton, a child custody lawyer serving the Tupelo, Mississippi, area. I bring more than 40 years of experience as an attorney to my practice and have been in your position before when I went through my own divorce. In fact, one of my child custody cases (Barton v. Barton) went all the way to the state Supreme Court. I have the legal and real-world experience to help you achieve a positive outcome in your custody litigation matter.

Helping To Resolve Contentious Child Custody Disputes

In any litigated custody matter, the ultimate decision of the judge will rest on what he or she deems to be in the best interest of the child. I will work with you to help you demonstrate why you offer the best situation for your child. I recommend that you begin developing a list that details why you are the better parent, as well as reasons why your child should not be placed in the custody of the other parent.

In addition to helping parents receive custody initially as part of their divorce settlement or order, I can help parents who are involved in litigation over a proposed parental relocation. To learn more, see Relocation Of A Parent.

Another area of potential custody litigation is the modification of custody orders. If you are seeking modification or wishing to prevent a modification, I can counsel you on your rights and develop a legal strategy for protecting your interests.

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