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Other than children's issues, property division is often the most contentious issue in a divorce. To protect your property rights and make sure you receive a fair property settlement, it is crucial to understand your rights. The first step is getting in touch with an experienced family law attorney who will fight for you.

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Dividing Assets In Mississippi

In our state, marital assets are defined as property accumulated during the marriage. Marital assets are to be distributed fairly based on the contribution to the marriage. There are exceptions to marital assets, such as inheritance, that are not subjected to division.

Mississippi is not a community property state. This means the courts will look at what you contributed to the marriage when deciding how to divide marital assets. Your contribution will be judged based on more than what you brought to the marriage financially. For example, taking care of children and managing the home is viewed as a contribution.

In addition to marital assets, it is important to realize that marital debts are also subject to division. This is an important point for couples who carry significant credit card debt, mortgage debt, medical debt and other debt. In military divorces, retirement benefits are also subject to division.

Whether your property settlement can be achieved through mediation or alternative dispute resolution or you need a bulldog to fight for your rights in court, I will be your strongest advocate.

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