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Marriage counseling may be useful before divorce

Marriage can be hard. There are big issues and little issues that can create conflicts and challenges between partners. In Mississippi, many couples face issues that complicate their relationships and make it hard to see eye to eye. Some couples who have problems file...

The basics of alimony all stay-at-home parents should know

You may have chosen to be a stay-at-home parent so your spouse could pursue a college degree. And once your spouse landed their dream job you may have given up your own career opportunities to continue to take care of your growing family. However, career success does...

How can I defend against DUI charges?

A conviction on drunk driving charges can bring a lot of negative changes to your life. Sure, your license will probably be suspended and you’ll be fined, but you might also wind up facing some serious jail time and damage to your reputation. You should try to avoid...

Modifying child custody orders in Mississippi

Family law judges in Mississippi consider the facts of a child custody dispute carefully before making their decisions, and they understand that one of the parties involved is likely to be leaving the courtroom unhappy. These decisions are made based on what the judge...