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Marriage counseling may be useful before divorce

Marriage counseling may be useful before divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Divorce

Marriage can be hard. There are big issues and little issues that can create conflicts and challenges between partners. In Mississippi, many couples face issues that complicate their relationships and make it hard to see eye to eye.

Some couples who have problems file for divorce. Of those, some may have tried marriage counseling before heading to court. Others will not have sought help to resolve their differences.

There is research to support the assertion that marriage counseling can keep some marriages out of the divorce process. Though it is not for everyone, marriage counseling may save some couples the time, money, and heartache of splitting a family into two.

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling may be called couple’s counseling because unmarried people in committed relationships may also use it, too. It involves two people in a relationship speaking and working with a third-party counselor on their differences. Often, marriage counseling focuses on several important concepts: communication and clarification.

Communication has to do with not only how people speak to each other, but how they interpret each other’s actions and words. In some marriages, partners are bad at communicating and that exacerbates their apparent differences. Working on communication can help save their marriages.

Clarification helps define relationships and the expectations that people have about them. When two people have very different ideas about what their relationship should be, it can be hard to find common ground. Marriage counseling can help.

When marriage counseling does not work

Through marriage counseling, some couples may find that their differences are not as egregious as they thought or that their conflicts can be resolved. Some may improve their communication skills or may find that through clarification that their ideas about their relationship are more aligned than they originally thought. This may not be the case for all couples.

When marriage counseling does not work, couples may still choose to divorce. When they cannot find common ground or a reason to save their marriage, divorce gives them a legal path to separate their lives. Divorce, like counseling, is hard. It can be acrimonious and stressful for all parties.

During a divorce, a couple must separate their property, assets, and debts. They must settle matters related to support, custody, and alimony. They can choose to hire attorneys to help them as they work to resolve these and other matters.

Divorce is necessary for some couples. Not all marriages can be saved through counseling. But for many people, counseling gives them and their spouses a chance to resolve differences that may, in the end, mean the preservation of their relationships.