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When A University Student Is In Trouble With The Law: What Parents Need To Know

Dear mother or father of a university student who has been arrested or charged with a crime:

As a father myself, I empathize with the worries and fears that are no doubt storming through your mind after you received the news that your son or daughter was in trouble with the law. You may experience a wide range of perfectly natural emotions. It is normal to feel love, anger and nervous anticipation of the journey ahead.

I Am Here To Answer Your Questions

You probably wonder one or more of the following:

  • If your college student son or daughter will go to jail
  • If he or she will have to pay large fines
  • If legal fees will be exorbitant
  • If he or she will be able to finish the semester, the school year and even the academic program he or she is enrolled in

Other critical questions on your mind may include:

  • How the situation happened in the first place
  • How to defend your child’s innocence or mitigate damage in case of legitimate charges
  • How to get your son or daughter help through drug abuse therapy or other treatment or counseling

The best way to get truly personalized answers applicable to your child’s unique circumstances is to talk to a lawyer without delay. I am a criminal defense lawyer in the Chickasaw County area who has been defending young people for more than 40 years. It will be my pleasure to listen to the story you want to share with me and explain how I can help.

I would like to work closely with you and your son or daughter to discover the best strategy for the case. A successful outcome may include creative solutions such as:

  • The use of an ignition interlock device to avoid driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Participation in drug abuse treatment
  • Probation instead of jail time
  • Communication directly with the administration at your child’s college or university with the purpose of helping to salvage his or her academic career

I Truly Care About Your Student Son Or Daughter

As a lifelong resident of this area, I feel personally invested in the outcomes of my clients, no matter what area of the law they are concerned about. I am prepared to defend your son or daughter before a prosecutor, judge or jury. Every successful drunk driving case, drug crime arrest or other criminal defense case I have handled for a university student has started with a confidential consultation with the student and/or parents of the student. Even though your child may legally be an adult, I welcome the chance to work with you as well, if he or she gives me permission to communicate directly with you.

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A district attorney once described me as a bulldog because once I bite into something, I don’t set it loose. And that’s how I practice law. I fight to the very end for all my Mississippi clients. Learn more about my background and qualifications by following this link:

Look into the characteristics of bulldogs, and you will learn that many of them are docile and attentive with their owners. I truly care about my clients. At the same time, I fight aggressively for their best interests. In all my legal practice areas, when you hire my law firm, you get me. I have been offering personalized, tailored legal representation for more than 40 years.

Note: I cannot defend criminal cases in the city where I prosecute, which is Oklahona. I can defend cases in greater Chickasaw County and surrounding counties throughout Mississippi, as well as in federal court.

Please Feel Free To Call Or Write For Individualized Advice On What Parents Should Know When A Student Is In Legal Trouble

Time is of the essence if your son or daughter, a university student or not, has been charged with a crime. Give me a call or send an email to get the conversation started with me, Gene Barton. From law offices near Tupelo, I serve people throughout the area. Call 662-260-6646 or send an email inquiry.


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