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White Collar Crimes Don’t Have To Ruin Your Future

Financial crimes are called “white collar” crimes. While they are usually a type of theft, they are typically theft from a business or from the government and not as often theft from an individual.

Common criminal charges for white collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Bank fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Bribery
  • Income tax evasion

Normally, a federal conviction for a white collar crime involves time in a federal prison according to the federal sentencing guidelines. Then there is no easy parole out of a federal prison.

Experience And Expert Resources To Build Your Defense

I’m Chickasaw County white collar crime defense attorney Gene Barton, the “Bulldog of Mississippi.” For more than 40 years, I’ve been fighting to protect the rights and freedom of people facing criminal charges with state jurisdiction in Mississippi state and federal courts.

Note: I cannot defend criminal cases in the city where I am a prosecutor, which is Okolona. I can defend cases in greater Chickasaw County and surrounding counties throughout Mississippi, as well as in federal court.

Investigating Complex Financial Charges

Financial crimes often involve complex financial transactions taking place over a longer period of time. Examples include diverting a small amount of money on a weekly basis, creating multiple accounts to mask ownership, making multiple transfers or keeping two sets of books. Fraud may involve falsifying credit applications, loan applications, or bank or real estate paperwork to secure credit or loans.

Defending against white collar crime charges will often require the help of skilled investigators with an understanding of accounting, financial reporting, computer forensics or tax accounting. My firm has worked with a CPA in the past in the handling of white collar crimes of this nature.

Because of my extensive background in criminal defense in Chickasaw County, I am familiar with all the expert resources I can bring to a white collar crime case. If convicted, you could face a decade or more in prison. The seriousness of that consequence makes it well worth the cost for you to work with a highly experienced defense attorney who will bring to your defense the experts needed to build an effective case.

Mitigating The Damages

In the case of some financial crimes – such as embezzlement from an employer or a church – the organization that has been the victim of the crime may be willing to negotiate with the person who has embezzled. It may agree to drop charges in return for the return of stolen funds. If charges are brought, the organization may agree to reduced charges.

Contact Me If You Have Been Accused Of Embezzlement Or Other Charges

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