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Child Custody Modifications

When you obtained a divorce or a stand-alone child custody and child support order, you may have walked out of the courthouse with a sense of finality. However, life does not stand still after a custody court order is issued. Mississippi laws on child custody take this into account and allow parents to petition the court for a child custody modification or change.

There may be compelling reasons for a family law court to modify your custody arrangements. You or the other parent may bring a petition. A family law court may consider a custody modification appropriate in situations including the following:

  • A material change of circumstances in the home of the primary custodial parent that is likely to adversely affect the child. Drug use by that parent or someone else in the home is an example.
  • A child’s stated preference when the child is 12 or older
  • A material change for the better in the home of the noncustodial parent when there are ongoing adverse circumstances in the primary custodial parent’s home.
  • A change in circumstances that has made existing joint custody arrangements unworkable, including relocation of a parent. A parent may need to relocate for good reason; however, the court will also consider the resulting effect on the other parent’s parenting time.
  • Military service deployment or a transfer of one parent. The family law court may issue a temporary custody order for the deployment period. This may include allowing a close family member of the deployed service member to take on that service member’s visitation rights during that time.

I Am Ready To Represent You Zealously And Knowledgeably In A Child Custody Modification Case

If you have good reasons to ask a court in or near Tupelo to modify your custody order or if you want to contest a modification petition by the other parent, talk to me, attorney Gene Barton. I am ready to listen to the facts, get a clear grasp of your perspective and prepare to represent you in a petition for a child custody modification in the best interests of your child.

My professional and personal experiences in this area of family are good reasons to seek my advice. I am an established child custody lawyer and have been practicing family law in this region for more than 40 years. My passion for parental custody rights is due in part to my own modification case that went all the way to the state Supreme Court. I can skillfully represent you in litigation as necessary.

Contact Me, Family Law Attorney Gene Barton

Request a consultation to discuss your child custody modification case. Call 662-447-2522 or send an email through the intake form on this website.

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