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Providing Experienced And Caring Legal Help With Divorce

For some people, divorce is worse than death. It’s no surprise, then, that many people who find themselves in this situation rely upon the guidance of an experienced Chickasaw County, Mississippi, divorce and separation lawyer to help them through the process.

With more than 40 years of legal experience to draw upon, as well as personal experience with divorce and child custody matters, I can help you every step of the way. I’m Gene Barton, a divorce and separation lawyer. I work with both men and women, and increasingly I have been working with active duty and retired military families. I often recommend mediation to help my clients resolve divorce disputes more cost-effectively.

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Divorce Or Separation

Mississippi does not have “legal separation.” However, if one spouse leaves the other without good cause, the remaining spouse may pursue an action for spousal maintenance (alimony).

Divorce And Property Division

The Ferguson case is a key case in Mississippi family law. It defines marital assets as property accumulated during the marriage and spells out, in detail, how the court looks at the division of marital assets.

Mississippi is not a community property state. The courts will look at what you contributed to the marriage when deciding how to divide marital assets. But that contribution does not always have to be financial. Staying home to take care of children, to manage a home and to provide support for a spouse is also a contribution.

When you come to see me, you need to bring me a list of all marital property and financial assets that are owned by you and your spouse. In particular, you should note which property was accumulated during the course of your marriage. Also, bring a list of marital debts. These will also be divided. If this is a military divorce, it will affect the division of retirement benefits.

Spousal And Child Support

A dependent spouse may need financial help to get back on her or his feet after a divorce. This is the purpose of spousal support (alimony). Spousal support is not automatically granted by the court. The need for support must be proven. If it is granted, it is often temporary. We can discuss your specific situation and the need for support at our first meeting.

Child support is the right of every child. A decision regarding the amount of child support you will pay or receive will accompany a decision on child custody.

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I care about your needs, and I will fight like a bulldog for your interests. For a free initial consultation, contact me online or call 662-260-6646.

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