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DIY Divorce: Why Not?

If you have seen someone else’s divorce decree, it may seem deceptively simple. You and your spouse may believe you agree on the terms of your divorce. You may believe you can save time and money and keep your private business in the family by pursuing a do-it-yourself divorce (DIY divorce).

Think again.

With more than 40 years’ experience as a dedicated family law attorney in Tupelo, I have seen and heard it all — almost. I say “almost” because each divorce has some unique element that requires special attention. If you attempt to carry out a DIY divorce, you are likely to misunderstand — or miss altogether — critical issues that an experienced lawyer can guide you through. It is in your best interests to get personalized legal counsel as soon as you know divorce is coming. For the best results, do not delay. Schedule an initial consultation with me, Mississippi family law attorney Gene Barton, at your earliest convenience.

The Unique Issues In Your Divorce Deserve Careful Consideration That A Knowledgeable Lawyer Can Provide

Examples of aspects of your divorce that require careful analysis may include:

  • A prenuptial agreement: Was it properly prepared? Is it valid? Ask an attorney to review it before you assume it will hold true.
  • Real estate: Whose name or names are on the title of the marital home? If this asset is to be divided, how will that be accomplished? Will the divorce decree spell out one or both spouses’ responsibility to sell it and distribute the proceeds?
  • Nonmarital assets versus marital assets: Before you determine how you and your spouse will divide property (money, real estate and so on), you need to know which assets belong to both of you and which belong to just one spouse.
  • Retirement funds, health insurance, stocks and bonds: These are a few examples of issues that you should consult with a lawyer about before moving ahead.
  • Child custody and child support: For divorcing parents, a parenting plan is at the top of the list of important issues to resolve. You and your children deserve quality legal advice and advocacy.

There is also the question of whether your divorce will be truly uncontested. If not, a simple divorce may not be an option. Is there some sticking point that you and your husband or wife cannot agree on? Who gets the boat? How will you transport children from one home to the other as you carry out the child custody plan? Are you being realistic in pledges you are making to your spouse regarding child support?

Beware Of Common Pitfalls Awaiting Those Who Try To Negotiate Terms To A Divorce Without Legal Guidance

If you go forward with a DIY divorce — perhaps using documents from the internet — you may make mistakes that will be difficult or impossible to undo. For example, a child support order that will be part of your divorce decree will be legally binding. If you promise to pay an unreasonable amount, you could be in serious trouble if you are unable to meet that obligation. Trying to save money on legal fees upfront may cost you plenty down the road.

There are countless aspects of a divorce that can bewilder you or present obstacles. I have more than 40 years of experience as a family law attorney. I can help you prevent or correct problems as you go through the challenging process of dissolving your marriage.

Explore Ways To Keep Costs In Your Divorce Manageable

I am family law attorney Gene Barton and I welcome the opportunity to help you discover the right path for completing your divorce. I can explain the real DIY divorce pros and cons to you — and help you discover alternative cost-effective pathways to divorce. Call 662-260-6646 or email my law firm through this website to request a consultation.

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